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No cache status in ArcGIS Server

Question asked by mlou on Jul 28, 2014
Latest reply on Jan 16, 2015 by sm970mn

I have been trouble with caching a basemap on ArcGIS Server (see How to stop/remove stalled ArcGIS Server cache processes).  After suggestions to update my ArcGIS Server install (to 10.1 SP1, QIP, 10.2.2 etc.) I decided this morning to update to 10.2.2 which went through without a hitch.


I have been successfully caching my basemap this morning, however I can't produce a cache status using the "View Cache Status..." context menu item.  I have run the tool "Manage Map Server Cache Status" several times, which takes some time to run (13 minutes last time I ran it) however I still can't see a cache status.


I get this message:



Any ideas on how I get get the cache status?  I would like to confirm that my cache is being fully generated now (after the issues I was having with 10.1)