multiple rasters/iteration in model builder

Discussion created by ecc103 on Aug 10, 2010
Latest reply on Dec 17, 2014 by payal30383.patel
I have about 100 time series raster files that I've put into a raster catalog.  I would like to apply the same set of processes on each individual raster by using spatial analyst's 'exp10' function as well as extracting specific values using a point file ( "extract values to points" function). 

However, I'm having a hard time defining the variable correctly and setting up the model (I'm fairly new to model builder).  How can I define a raster catalog as a variable as a series of values and then use this as an input for the tools I'm using on the raster catalog, such as "exp10" ?  Or, put another way, what is a way of running the same model on a handful of raster files?

Thanks for any direction you might have.