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FeatureLayer Queries not returning anything

Question asked by cwhi095 on Jul 27, 2014
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I'm having trouble getting (offline) Feature Layer queries to return expected results. If I do a simple query with a Where 1=1 clause I get all features as expected. If I do a query with the a Where 'AreaName' = 'example' I get no results but no error message either. I have tested the same query in ArcMap and against the Feature Server on ArcGIS server and both work as expected. When I do the first query I can see that there is data that should satisfy the query in the Feature Layer but it is not being returned.


I am using the following code:


QueryParameters params = new QueryParameters();
params.setWhere("'AreaName' = '" + areaName + "'");
featureLayer.getFeatureTable().queryFeatures(params, new CallbackListener<FeatureResult>() {
    public void onError(Throwable e) {
        //Handle error
    public void onCallback(FeatureResult objs) {
        ArrayList<String> items = new ArrayList<String>();
        for(Object o : objs){ 
            if(o instanceof Feature){
                Feature f = (Feature) o;
                String item = (String) f.getAttributeValue("Line");
                if(item != null && !items.contains(item)){


Is there anything wrong with the way I am doing the query?