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Want to Create a Select by Rectangle in ArcObjects using C#

Question asked by th1209 on Jul 24, 2014
Latest reply on Aug 14, 2014 by th1209

I'm creating an Add-in using ArcObjects and C#, technology I haven't used in 10 plus years.

I'm creating 3 tools that work on a specific polygon layer.

Tool 1 - Select by Line; summarize selected polygon areas

Tool 2 - Select by Polygon; summarize selected polygon areas

Tool 3 - Select by Rectangle; summarize selected polygon areas 


I found this sample;

ArcObjects Help for .NET developers

...and it works great for selecting my polygons using a line.

I was able to convert it pretty easily to selecting my polygons by using a polygon.

I changed theses lines;

private INewLineFeedback m_lineFeedback;

IPolyline polyline;


private INewPolygonFeedback m_lineFeedback;

IPolygon polygon; 

(and fixed all the errors that were generated.)


Now I want to do something like this;

private INewRectangleFeedback m_lineFeedback;

IRectangle rectangle;


It doesn't appear to be the same animal.

Can anyone give me a nudge as to the interfaces I need to implement?

I know I have to change some of the logic as well, since I'm not expecting a double click event (as shown in the sample).