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Error: The remote name could not be resolved in JS API 3.10 with proxy.ashx

Question asked by shaikhrizuan on Jul 23, 2014



I am getting error at Stream outputStream = req.GetRequestStream()) saying "The remote name could not be resolved: '". I have add this URL in my proxy.config which is working fine. Also when i try to check with http://[yourmachine]/DotNet/proxy.ashx? this URL, it gives the same error.

After setting mustMatch="false" in proxy.config and tried http://[yourmachine]/DotNet/proxy.ashx? this URL, leads to same error.


Working on ArcGIS Javavascript API 3.10.

OS windows 7 Enterpriise edition SP1

IIS 7.5


Anyone know how to fix this issue???

(NOTE :PFA  image for the error)



Shaikh Rizuan