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Missing output from 'Visibility' Tool

Question asked by DuncanRager on Jul 21, 2014
Latest reply on Jul 22, 2014 by DuncanRager

I am running ArcMap 10.2 and have been trying to complete a fairly large viewshed analysis and have chosen to use the visibility tool in order to be able to produce an optional above-ground-level (AGL) layer which will be the focus of further analysis.

The visibility is from a layer consisting of 2 points and the raster is a DSM. I have run several repetitions of this tool (both 3D Analyst & Spatial Analyst) and every time the process completes successfully producing a viable viewshed, but there is never any AGL to be found. There are no errors accompanying the completion of the tool either.

Why would this be? How do I get the tool to produce an AGL? I have tried using only one viewer point as opposed to two without any difference in the outcome.