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Deploying the WebApps?

Question asked by SiteMarker on Jul 18, 2014
Latest reply on Jul 21, 2014 by SiteMarker

I apologize as I am fairly new to app development.


I am trying to deploy an app I have created with the web app builder to an online web host (trying multiple, like BlueHost, etc.). I tried with the Beta 1 and now the Beta 2.  I have used the web app templates from ArcGIS Online in the past and just uploaded them to my web host and pointed my browser at the index.html file and the app will start right up. When I point to the index.html of the web apps built using this builder, it is always just stuck on the loading screen and goes nowhere. However, I can use the EXACT same app folder and put it in IIS on my local machine and it will work fine. So what do I need to do to host this app online using a hosting service?? Am I missing a step or something specific I need?


Thank you !