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PKI auth. In portal with AD

Question asked by dbecker88 on Jul 18, 2014

We have a potential need to authenticate to our gis server using PKI, in particular, using DoD CAC cards. We're still on 10.1 but should this move fwd we would upgrade to 10.2.2 and config portal.


after initial. Research, I've been made aware of the DoD requirements for CLR checks, (which in itself I've read is problematic).


The portal and GIS server would be on our LAN, as well as AD Server.

in a fundamental sense is it as easy as:

1 installing DoD root ca as trusted cert. in IIS

2 enabling client Cert. mapping in AD

3 mapping each users client cert in AD


im assuming all portal hosted web apps. would also auth. Using PKI directly, rather than logging into portal first, then launching the web map app?


like I said, this is an education endeavor at this point.