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Does the WebMap Viewer ONLY create proprietary web maps?

Question asked by bokeefe on Jul 19, 2014
Latest reply on Oct 13, 2014 by Ernestocd

I would like to configure my Javascript webmap in the web map viewer and then download EVERYTHING and host exclusively on our enterprise ArcGIS Web Server. The ONLY thing that the WebMap Viewer seems to do is create an ArcGIS Online webmap and then 'reference' it via my locally stored files?!


SURELY ESRI doesn't expect it's customers to rely exclusively on THEIR hosting of the software?


I mean after spending the hundreds of thousands of dollars that some companies do to purchase and run ESRI product, and then to be told that we can create but not host our own Javascript maps created with this Viewer application is kinda insulting, to say the least. ESRI gave us the FlexViewer and we hosted ALL files for those maps. Why is ESRI treating Javascript (of all things) as some kind of proprietary system?!


I would like to create a Javascript map, without having to start-from-scratch and build the entire library of code necessary to mimic the WebMap Viewer maps, and then host EVERY PART OF MY MAP on my own server.


Am I missing something here?