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Issue using Find locations by address

Question asked by rdb1972 on Jul 15, 2014
Latest reply on Oct 27, 2017 by JWhitney-esristaff

I am having difficulty searching for an address with Explorer for ArcGIS, and am wondering if there is a setting that I am missing.


When I use Explorer for ArcGIS (iPad Mini, iOS v7.1.2) and enter an address in the search bar, I receive the No Results notification.  If I open this same web map on my desktop, I am able to toggle between my geocoding locator (which has been added to my organization) or esri's World Locator.  Also, I am able to open the same web map using ArcGIS for iOS (green app) on the same iPad and am able to search by an address without issue.


I have made certain that when editing the web map properties that the check box for Find Locations using Address is checked.  If I enable Find Locations by Layer and set the layer to our address points, the search function in Explorer for ArcGIS will find the location (it won't zoom to it, but it'll find it).


Anyone else have this issue?  Is there something that I am missing as far as getting this to work properly?


Thank you for your time!