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National colours within a country polygon

Question asked by existenz_82 on Jul 14, 2014

Hi all!



I would like to present a single polygon (country is Senegal) with its national colors within.

I already tried to create a new fill symbol composed of the 3 colours (green/yellow/red) from a *.bmp with the style manager.

(Tools -> Style Manager -> -> Picture Fill Symbol -> new fill symbols),and balanced out the layer display so that all three colors

are displayed in the layer preview. However, he can't display it properly, in the end the polygon of Senegal just fills just with the color green.

And no matter how I distribute the color proportions in the layer preview, it still stays green overall.



What can I do to fix this problem?   The subsequent question would be the following: If national colors are depicted in a vertical way (running from left to right, like for Senegal),

it seems easy to display that, but how about colors ordered in a horizontal way (like for Germany)?



I hope you can help me!