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Error connecting ArcMap and Mysql

Question asked by NishaDevar on Jul 14, 2014
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I hope this mail finds you all well. I successfully connected Mysql to ArcMap. How ever in ArcCatalog when I connect to the database it connects and I can view all my tables in the following manner e.g. .bookings. However I can not add them into my map document it says 'Unspecified error'. Also if I try to add data from Add Data->Data Base connections-> DataBaseName the tables are not listed here


I performed the following steps to connect to the database

  1. ArcCatalog
  2. Database Connections
  3. Add OLE DB Connection
  4. Choose "Microsoft OLE DBProvider for ODBC Drivers
  5. Create and add your DSN. You should be able to find your DSN under the "Use data source name" drop down list
  6. Put in the same user name and password as above
  7. Test Connection - Succesfull




What am I doing wrong ? How do I resolve this


Thank you