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Merging together Attachment Data sets

Question asked by pescatoreec on Jul 13, 2014
Latest reply on Mar 7, 2018 by lisamcfail

... So in my attempts to navigate the ESRI, ARCGIS website to post a question... it has led me to this point... so... hopefully this would be the place to ask a simple question.... I feel lost and confused...


I have attachment data posted in ArcGIS online, but due to a misunderstanding of the MAX TABLE RETURN when publishing content, i'm limited to downloading 1000 records...... So one path i'm looking into in order to get to my data down and republish... i will need to download it in 1000 feature chunks using "Create local copy for editing". (Note that i have over 9000 points and 4 GB worth of attachment data... up in the cloud)


So now i have 8 databases, each with an attachment table, identical schema and assumed global IDs that were generated when publishing to AGO. How might one merge these attachment tables and maintain the relationship into a single MASTER dataset?


Getting the feature classes together seems is a simple enough task but i assume it can't be as easy as "loading data" into the attachment table? THere was a help doc related to restoring relationship table... but really lookin for guidance . Also i would use the Export to file geodatabase option that was recently added with the July AGO release but unfortunately, it fails due to the fact that i don' think they were expecting someone to host over 5 GB worth of attachment data


What is the easiest way to merge data together into a single attachment table and dataset?