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Public to Organizational Account - problems because of ESRI Global Account?

Question asked by BrianHovis on Jun 25, 2014
Latest reply on Jul 1, 2014 by BrianHovis
Hello, I am moving from a Public account to an organizational account.  I received a link with the activation code from ESRI and followed the link to a sign-in webpage.  There are three choices to sign in and use the activation code and I tried them all.  Here are the choices and outcomes:

1.  If a person has already been using ArcGis Online, you are supposed to sign-in with your existing account information, so I used my public account sign-in.  I got the error message attached.

2.  Sign-in as a new user.  I did that and just opened up another Public account.  There was no organizational subscription options.

3.  Use the Global Account.  That also resulted in the error message attached. 

I wonder if the problem is that I registered my public account with my Esri Global Account.  The information below is from the ESRI website ([URL=""].  Because I registered my AGOL public account with my Esri Global Account, maybe it can be either a public account or organizational account, but not both.  I have content on my AGOL public account that is linked to a website, but if it would help, I might unlink or delete the public account.

FROM ESRI at URL above:  "Registering your Esri Global Account is a separate process from creating an account . Registration is necessary so you can view and agree to the ArcGIS Online terms of use. Once you have agreed to the terms, your Esri Global Account is also your ArcGIS Online organizational account or public account and you can use it to sign into the website. If you create an account from the website, it is automatically registered with ArcGIS Online."

Is anyone having the same kind of problem?