folder registering to server

Discussion created by etylerNwwsd on Jun 10, 2014
I have registered a folder with our server. It worked however it is doing a weird thing. When I publish a service with data from the registered folder from my computer I don't get the warning about data not being registered. and everything is great. However when my co-worker publishes a service with data from the same folder (and we both have our computers mapped the same way.) she will get the warning "data not registered with server" so we right click the warning and go t show data register store. and click the edit button then click ok. Then re-analyze and it works. What happens is that the "publisher Folder hostname" box then displays her computer name. So then if I was to try and publish a service with the same data I would have to do what she did then that same box would have my computer name. What did I do wrong. See attached for what i am talking about. Thanks