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Oracle CLOB field into SDE and File GDB issues

Question asked by jacquealope on Apr 9, 2014
Latest reply on May 8, 2014 by jacquealope
I am trying to create an automatic feature class backup/update.  All of our databases including the SDE are in Oracle and my DBA has created me a few views for me in those non-sde databases.  I am making a copy of the SDE feature class to be updated into a file geodatabase on the network then truncating the SDE feature class, and appending it with a newly created XY event layer from the Oracle table view.  I have successfully finished making this with 2 other feature classes, but this particular table for some reason has a field with a CLOB data type.... 

I was able to recreate the SDE feature class from scratch and forcing a 1000 character limit to fix the error appending the SDE but
I get an error when saving the SDE feature class to the file geodatabase after doing so.  It seems the file geodatabase automatically forces max limit as 255 characters and won't even truncate the field for me, only stops and throws an error.


What is the best approach for dealing with CLOB field types in ArcGIS?