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Error in hyperlink script

Question asked by recurvata on Mar 31, 2014
Latest reply on Mar 31, 2014 by recurvata
I wrote a hyperlink script in Python for the Display tab. It has an if/elif structure based on the value of a field. With just the if clause, it runs fine an opens the document. But when I add the elif clause, Arc gives me an error saying ' OpenLink is not defined'. This makes no sense to me, it's the default name of the function. Any ideas? Thanks.

import os, threading def OpenLink ([SubtypeCD], [Name] ):     if [SubtypeCD] == 'Recorded' and [Name] is not None:         parsedName = [Name].partition('-')         folderPrefix = parsedName[0].zfill(4)         fileSuffix = parsedName[2].zfill(4)         extension = '.TIF'         fileName = folderPrefix + fileSuffix + extension         loc = r"\\base\path"         image = os.path.join(loc, folderPrefix, fileName)         threading.Thread(target=os.startfile, args=(image,)).start()     elif [SubtypeCD] == 'Unrecorded' and [Name] is not None:         parsedName =[Name].split('-')         folderOne = parsedName[0] + '_Survey'         folderTwo = [Name]         fileName = [Name] + '0001.tif'         loc = r"\\other\base\path'         image = os.path.join(loc, folderOne, folderTwo, fileName)         threading.Thread(target=os.startfile, args=(image,)).start()       else:         pass         return