Timeout issue when accessing Dynamic Map Service from Android Emulator

Discussion created by govindtm on Mar 20, 2014
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I am a novice in Android and got Eclipse Kepler configured with ArcGIS Android Runtime SDK 10.2.2. I have also configured Google ADT and all that is needed to run the HelloWorld example. I am using ArcGIS Server 10.2 Standard Edition on Windows Server.

I published a dynamic map service but did NOT enable the mobile access. I am told that it is NOT mandatory to enable the Mobile Access for a mapservice for simple viewing . Correct me if i am wrong. I published this Dynamic Map Service to Mobile Content server and able to access this from my SmartPhone using ESRI apps downloaded from Google Play.

Later I modified the HelloWorld example to point to a DynamicMapService. I included the simple code snippet below:

Pls note that i had replaced the servername/ipaddress with the placeholder tag.

    // After the content of this Activity is set, the map can be accessed from the layout.
    mMapView = new MapView(this);   
    Envelope env = new Envelope();
    env.setCoords(21398, 14277.517116, 21528.702632172, 14340.018);   
    //Dynamic Map Service layer

When i access the URL of the map server in a browser in my laptop it works without issues. However when i run the Android app in Eclipse - installed in my laptop -  the Emulator starts, the apk file is getting installed but when the activity starts i am getting the error:


However i am able to access this Mapservice from ArcMap in my laptop and my smartphone without  issues. I changed the Servername to IPAddress and back. When i click the Android App it opens and displays a black screen. However the LogCat displays the issue as shown in this message.


I am not sure where this is going wrong. I checked the following:

  • Map Service is accessible from ArcMap and Smartphone

  • Extent is valid  and has been verified in ArcMap

Can anyone help me in figuring out the problem? Thanks in advance.