creating polygons inside shapefile on give rules

Discussion created by jwalkerack on Mar 17, 2014
Ok so this might be a bit of a long shot, but I am wondering if someone maybe knows the technical term for the process I am trying to do and maybe tell me if it is possible and if so in the direction I need to research. Feel free to tell me the correct terminology i am a little new to gis so i m probably not given this the right title

The main task I am trying to achieve is researching areas with a map area for potential building plots. The building has to be a certain distance away from features of the land such as roads, houses, rivers ETC.
There is an initial impact area of the building, which has to be a certain distance away from given features. There is a secondary extent of the buildings impact. Which distance which will stay the same each time. It is measured from the centre point of the initial impact area of the building. The initial and second impact of the building make up the whole building.
So I have tried to put this down on the diagram I have attached.
I am have been working with a map that has several layers of data, such as river, trains, roads, house, woodland etc. I have combined these to give me places on the map where it maybe be possible to have buildings
What I like to be able to know if there is anyway of calculating areas where building might potentially be able to go.
Firstly maintain the distance from the boundary of the initial building area. Then adding on the total building extent to give the whole building. Running through the map to identify all of the areas . Are there some functions or combination of functions??? which might do this?
Thanks a lot for your time and reading.