Model builder, table input into a variable

Discussion created by Ryan_S on Mar 5, 2014
Hello, I am having a small problem withing ArcGIS 10.1/2 with model builder. (I hope this is the right Sub-forum)
First information regarding what I am trying to do. I am a University student taking Geography and enjoying geomatics and remote sensing, and I am currently working on a independent project. In my project, I have a large number of days that I need to run a tool on, and a part of my class for this project is learning and developing new skills. One of the new skills that I have been developing is automation of some parts of my workload. For this automation, I have learned general basics of Python, which I have been struggling to grasp and do not have the luxury of time to fully grasp it, and using Model Builder provides an opportunity to construct a looping model, and export it to python to complete my project, and better understand python. The project I am doing than has a large number of days to run through a tool and get some data, 182 days, which I can easily put into a table (Day 1 + 1 = Day 2).
The problem is that within model builder, I can not seem to get information from the table, into the tool that I am using.

To better help explain my issue, I have included an image with some explanation.
What I want to achieve is to use the Spatial Analyst > Solar Radiation > Area Solar Radiation Tool (Yellow). Input raster(Darker Blue, top left.), Hour interval (Lighter Blue), and the outputs (green) are constant. The only value that I need to change for each loop is "Time Configuration", which is inputed as "WithinDay (JullianDay) (Start and  Finish Hours)" Which would then be "WithinDay 306 0 24" or November 1st 2012, from 00:00 to 24:00.

My problem is inside of the Time Configuration Variable (Light Blue), where I have it set to contain "A list of Values" and it becomes a table (As shown in the bottom left window, labeled 2). While inside of the Time Config Table, there is an "Insert Values From Table" which is the first option I tried, it does not add a single value or serries of values at all. The value is not affected what so ever.

The second attempt, labled 1 on image, was to place the table into model builder, and use the connect tool to get Time Config to use that table instead, this did not work as you can only connect a variable to a Process. Connecting the table to the Area Solar Radiation Tool results in a "Precondition" which as far as I understand, does not do what I want.

Bonus questions.
Is there a means to tell model builder to delete intermediate data? Other wise I will direct that output to a alternative folder and manually delete.
With the output data, Direct and Duration, is there any method to have them renamed according to values in the same table? ie WithinDay 306 0 24 would be renamed to Duration_JDay_1, as the next column would contain the name values.

This is my first time posting here, and I hope I covered the whole of the issue. The help section did not cover using tables within model builder (To my knowledge), and I did not find previous forum topics on this issue.

Thanks for any help!