ArcGIS Server Monitor

Discussion created by cpouliot on Feb 26, 2014
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We have yet to implement a solution for monitoring Server Apps, Services, Data, etc and I???m looking for some input as to possible options that you???ve come across or use.  I???ve attached a crude diagram of some of what we???re optimally looking for in a solution.  There are a number of programs out there that do parts of these but I haven???t found anything that will manage everything ??? not sure if it exists.

The ability to manage and query relationships between Servers, Data, Services, and Applications
??? Notifying proper authorities with changes.  If I'm updating a database schema I want to know who I need to contact with related services and applications.  Likewise with Service changes I need to know contact information for the apps that are using that service as well as the contact people for the data being used by the service.  Or if I'm upgrading ArcGIS server to a new version I need to notify the owners of all apps, services, and data
??? Monitor and Summarize Server Loads
??? Monitor and Summarize Service/App usage
??? The app should be as automated as possible so minimal hand entering of information is required
??? Flexible enough to accommodate UofM MapServer apps/mapfiles as well as ArcGIS Server.  We run both in our shop.