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Adding .CSV files to My Content, but Map won't display points

Question asked by OCACNY on Jan 29, 2014
Latest reply on Jan 30, 2014 by OCACNY
I have been researching this issue all day and have tried IE 11, Mozilla, and Chrome browsers.  I have a .csv file of GPS coordinates (latitude/longitude) that I am able to Add under My Content.  I used a sample of 20 records and that file will load, publish as a feature service and display on a map. After I Add a .CSV with more records and publish it, I can see the points in the little preview window under the Feature Service.  When I then try to open that feature service in a new map none of the points will display.  I am at my wits end over this.  The full file is 3,487 points.  I have broken it down to 100, 250, and 500 records and NONE of those will actually display on the map although I am sure that the coordinates mapped correctly.  Is there a bug here?  I Added the whole file yesterday and was able to see all the points, but removed it due to an issue with one of the fields (long story, don't ask).  So now I am really perplexed.  Any assistance would be appreciated.  My esri Account Rep probably wants to strangle me with all the e-mails I have sent him today.  I have attached a picture of the preview window to show that the points do exist....they just won't display in a map for me. Thank you! ~Paula C., OCAC, Syracuse, NY