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How to disable Tools Context menu in the ArcMap?

Question asked by sanjayjadhav on Jan 16, 2014
Latest reply on Mar 5, 2014 by sanjayjadhav

We are developing an ArcMap Extension in which we are removing few built-in tools and commands using interface ICustomizationFilter and ICommandItem::delete. I have been successful for most of them but not for removing the Toolbar Context Menu which appears after right clicking grey toolbar area in the ArcMap. Basically, we do not want our users to add/remove toolbars using this context menu, so want to lock the customization.

So, I am really stuck on this. I have tried a lot but no success so far. The UID which I have been using for this Toolbar Context menu "{2AE639DD-1C2F-11D2-94B6-080009EEBECB}".

So, any help on this problem will be appreciated. The screen shot for this context menu is attached for more clarity.