Selective Labeling in Data-Driven pages based on data frame extension

Discussion created by mateuspr on Dec 19, 2013
Latest reply on Feb 1, 2014 by mateuspr

I've been working with Data Driven pages that show an overview map for the selected index layer feature.

However, under the index feature layer I need to show the boundaries of municipalities (polygons) as well as a point feature indicating their urban area.

I need to label both feature classes and that's where the challenge arises:

1 - When the point feature is labelled, the polygon feature should not get its label;

2 - If the point feature is not within the data frame extension (thus not labelled), the polygon feature gets its label;

3 - Each polygon feature has a corresponding point feature.

I'm attaching an image to make it clearer. I need to automate the process, as I'm using Data Driven pages.

Is it do-able with scripting? Is there any easier way for doing that?