Routing on multiple layers (floors)

Discussion created by leafit on Dec 3, 2013
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Hello all

I have the following task to achieve:

iOS app which displays the rooms of a building on a map.
the user can choose which floor of the building he wants to be visible.

the user can choose 2 rooms of the building (not necessarily on the same floor)
the app shows him the shortest path between the 2 selected rooms. (including the "floor-change")

I have already a ArcGIS NAServer with the network etc. (I'm not experienced with the ArcGIS Server side, I'm only the iOS developer)

I use AGSRouteTask etc. to address the problem and it works more or less.

No my problems:

1. Is it possible to define on which Layer a AGSStopGraphic is? If I only pass the coordinates to the service it chooses not always the right one.

2. Is it possible to get multiple lines from the RoutingService? Example:
I want to go from roomX on floor 1 to roomY on floor 2 --> now I would like to have a line from roomX to the elevator and another one from the elevator to roomY.

I hope my explanations are more or less clear.
(maybe a screenshot helps: [ATTACH=CONFIG]29527[/ATTACH]

I'm glad for every answer, question or solution.