Publishing Tables Bug: Data/Field Musical Chairs

Discussion created by cprgeoadmin on Nov 28, 2013
Latest reply on Dec 2, 2013 by kpeter-esristaff
Hello all:

I'm getting a really weird bug that I can't resolve and am looking for any help/advice.

The problem is that I have a published MapService with 3 tables and 1 Feature Class. The 3 tables are named properly but all contain the wrong fields and I suspect the wrong data. I got here in this order:

  1. 3 Tables and 1 Feature Class in my AWS SDE Database "geodata"

  2. All data loaded into an MXD and published

  3. Publish occured without any data transfer. "geodata.sde" is properly linked in Server Manager

  4. Visit tables in REST interface and notice the problems.

  5. A simple QUERY in the REST interface returned data sporadically and from the wrong table.

  • The table data, if accessed in ArcMap (not through the map service, but through the database), are all perfectly fine.

  • All data is set as Versioned but only 1 version exists

Please see attached image for a visual description of what's wrong here.

Any ideas?