Problem with query builder and output raster for the "Extract by attribute" tool

Discussion created by oigroig on Nov 26, 2013
Latest reply on Nov 26, 2013 by MBoucher21
Hi everyone,

I am extracting areas with particular elevations from a STRM DEM. I have a .bil file, and I recalculated the statistics to exclude the -32768 value.

Then I go to Spatial Analyst - Extract - By attribute.  In the query builder I put the expression Value > 650 AND Value < 1200, to extract elevations between 650 and 1200. When I try to verify the expression, it says there is an error.
I have tried to:
- eliminate spaces
- write only Value > 650
- exported my file to tiff format

and it still gives me an error.  If I try to extract anyways, a raster with vertical stripes comes up.[ATTACH=CONFIG]29380[/ATTACH]

Any thoughts on this?