Routing Not Working with ArcGIS Online WebMap

Discussion created by SamuelHenderson on Nov 13, 2013
Hi everyone,

I'm trying to incorporate both routing and a popup into my Android app.  The webmap in question is using the publicly available 'Streets' basemap and has a shapefile containing local restaurants. It can be found here:

I'd like the user to be able to tap the restaurant to display the restaurant attributes in a read-only popup window and on a long tap of the restaurant point provide driving directions.

I got the popup bit working no problem by following the ESRI Sample.  I tried to merge the routing sample into my existing project but none of the route graphics are showing (no blue line, no finish symbol) unless I disable the webmap (but then I lose my restaurants!)

I've attached my two source files since there wasn't a way for me to fit them in here with the 10,000 character limit. 

Note that I commented out the code that checks to see if a restaurant point was tapped because I thought it might be interfering with the routing...
All of my resource files (strings, layouts, etc) have been copied from the Routing Sample.  I added the url of the webmap as an attribute in main.xml layout file.  Without adding this url the routing works as intended but the only layer that is loaded is the World_Street_Map layer assigned to