Fail to drape by using SceneControl(ArcObjects C++) on Linux

Discussion created by jomjom2013 on Nov 6, 2013
Dear All

I would like to drape an image over a tin surface by using SceneControl(C++) on Linux.
(limitation of the attachment file size, dvim3.TIF -> dvim3.jpg, dvim3.tfw -> dvim3.jgw)

I have attached the "" file.
I set I3DProperties->put_BaseOption(esriBaseSurface) for draping the image file,
but the program gets aborted.
(When I comment out the line 139(td_properties->put_BaseOption(esriBaseSurface)) in mytestwidget.cpp,
the program do not get aborted.)

Please tell me how to solve this problem.

        OS: RHEL 6.1(x86_64) / CentOS 6.3(x86_64)
            (On x86_64 platforms, if "-32-bit" versions of the system requirements
            packages are available, they must be installed prior to installing ArcGIS)
ArcObj SDK: ArcObjects Cross-platform C++
            with 3D Analyst 10.1
        Qt: 4.7.3 (by configuring with -platform linux-g++-32)
  Compiler: gcc 4.4.5

[Running program]
(1) Setting the environment variables in the ".bashrc"
    # User specific aliases and functions
    source ~/arcgis/engine10.1/
    source ~/arcgis/developerkit10.1/
    export LD_LIBRARY_PATH
(2) Unzipping ""
(3) Building the "" project.
(4) Running the "drapetest" executable file.
    (*) "drapetest" must be located in the lower case full path.
    Directory structure: ~/drapeset/src
    $ cd mybin
    $ ./drapetest