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The layer is not responding in ArcGIS Online Web Map

Question asked by pkamis on Oct 24, 2013
Latest reply on Nov 1, 2013 by tr-bdealy
I have an instance of ArcServer 10.2 in the Amazon cloud hosting several Map Service that are feature enabled.  I recently setup a demo map in ArcGIS online that is consuming these services so that I can show them out to clients.  I was able to sucessfully get the several feature services loaded, and saved my map.  When renavigating to the map, however, none of the feature services will load, and I instead get a series of pop up boxes see in the image attached. 


I am able to remove this error by simply visitng the URL for the rest services of one of the hosted services.  AKA, if I simply go to <ArcServer>/arcgis/rest/services/<Demo_Service>/FeatureServer, and let the page load, then revisit the map, all the feature services load fine.

What could be causing this?  Is there some sort of caching issue?  Why does my browser need to know how to see the feature service before it will load in ArcGIS online?