Creating smooth DEM with constraints

Discussion created by antonvim on Sep 28, 2013
Latest reply on Sep 29, 2013 by xander_bakker
I???m trying to make a DEM of an old mining site. I have point data in a 10*10 meter grid, some lines representing cliffs, and I also have a lake boundary polygon, representing the flooded area of the cavity. When I try to create the DEM with the create TIN or Topo to raster functions, it appears with peaks in the measured height points place. The only way I managed to produce a smooth surface was with the spline tool, but it does not allow the use of barriers. Is there another way to create a smooth surface with those constraints?

Here???s a printscreen of the two surfaces (converted to TIN) in the arcscene (left: spline, right: topo to raster with constrains):

Thank you and apologies for my bad English.