Problems with layer alignment

Discussion created by sunelles on Sep 18, 2013
Latest reply on Sep 19, 2013 by ernosson

I am creating a map with various point and polygon layers. I need to have the layers in a projected coordinate system as I have to calculate the areas of the polygons. As such, I have projected all of the layers in the same coordinate system GDA 1994 MGA Zone 56. Once projected, however, several of my polygon layers are not aligned. The layers which were previously projected in either GDA 1994 Australian Albers, WGS 1984 ARC System Zone 10 or GCS GDA 1994 are displaying appropriately, however the layer which was projected in GCS Australian 1984 doesn't line up with the other layers. Any ideas?

The geographic transformation which is being used to transform the layers from GCS Australian 1984 to GDA 1994 MGA Zone 56 is as follows: AGD_1984_To_GDA_1994_5_NTv2

Here is a screenshot of the problem