Can not connect to Portal for ArcGIS when Register Server

Discussion created by chunjie on Sep 2, 2013
Latest reply on Sep 5, 2013 by jdelgadillo-esristaff
    Did any succeed connect to Portal for ArcGIS when Register Server, I used the parameters as the pictures shows to connect to portal, I can register the portal, but can not validate it, the log shows the flowing error:

    2013-09-03 11:09:04,766 | ERROR | qtp938495103-41  | DefaultPortalConnection          | 227 - com.esri.ges.framework.datastore.agsconnection-datastore - 10.2.0 | Could not authenticate to the Portal at peer not authenticated


    the Portal URL,username, password is OK because I can log in through the Web Browser.

    Thanks and it would be grateful if anyone had done it.