Move Map Cache from server to Arcgis Server as a basemap without recreating the cache

Discussion created by hsb1 on Aug 26, 2013

I would like to move an already created map cache to ArcGIS Server and use it as a basemap. I would like to do this without creating a whole new cached service. Presently, I am attempting to share my map cache as a service and publish the service to the Arcgis Server. However, the service is not publishing because ArcMap stops responding as seen in the attached image1. I have tried a couple of times but I still get the same issue as seen in image1. I have also tried creating a service definition but still get the same issue.

The map cache has already been created, so I am not sure if I need to change anything in the caching options(under service editor window) to 'using tiles from a cache' or can I leave it as 'dynamically from the data'. Further,the map cache also contains a Conf.xml file that specifics the scales and extents of the data layers in the cache. Is this Conf.xml file used on it's own or do I need to specify it somewhere? Is there another way to do this?