Kernel density within boundaries?

Discussion created by Gizmo4ever on Aug 23, 2013
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Hi, I´ve been working with species data and I´m trying to make some kind of heatmap or just some sort of density map. I´ve tried a lot of methods (everything from interpolations to density maps) and the result I´m looking for would be a kernel density result. The only problem is that I it doesn´t support barriers or some sort of boundary. The thing is that my point data is plant species in water, so I need a result that won´t continue if there´s an island or other barrier in the way. In the attached picture my problem is demonstrated (circuled area). The Nodata area (white) is land and the points are the monitored points and the number is the number of keyspecies found. I´ve tried making the radius smaller but that will only work for some areas, not all and I can´t make it too small either. So to make my question really clear: is there a way (or tool) that can make a kernel density result within boundaries?