10.1 - Cannot Rebuild a Address Locator with Alternate Name Table

Discussion created by nhuggins on Jul 3, 2013
Latest reply on Jun 25, 2014 by lusk0001
Not sure if this is a known bug, but I am unable to rebuild an address locator that includes an alternate name table. I see the same behavior whether the locator (and associated data) is in a file geodatabase or in SDE. I found some similar posts regarding this issue, but those users were using version 10.0 and most solutions pointed to an upcoming service pack or version 10.1. Here are some details:

(Windows 7, ArcGIS 10.1 - SP1) I have a file geodatabase with a street centerline file and an alternate name table. I can successfully build a address locator. It builds without errors and correctly functions. However whenever I go to rebuild it always states that the locator must be repaired first, even though the data has not moved. In fact I can successfully build a locator and immediately try to rebuild it and receive the error message that it must be repaired first. I go into the properties dialog and see some odd things. For instance the Primary Table:Feature ID appears blank although I am sure I did assign it during creation. I also see the Alternate Name Table Fields twice.  See attached screenshot. I can click OK to the dialog box and then go to properties again and all parameters will be grayed out and this time appear correctly. Sometimes after going through this process it will then allow me to rebuild it, but not consistently.

I have a script that updates the locators, and don't want to have to build new locators as I have tweaked some of the geocoding options that can't be set through python. I have had the same issue with both US Dual Range & Single House styles.

Any suggestions would be appreciated! Or if someone can confirm that this is actually a bug.