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Discussion created by waqas782 on Jun 8, 2013
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Dear Experts,

I am new to this forum and want your help to solve my problem.
I am using ArcGIS 10 and my problem states as:

I have a set of 46 monthly rainfall rasters
1. i want to extract the maximum and minimum pixel value from the the stack of 46 raster as MAX and MIN
2. Then using the equation shown in attached figure [ATTACH=CONFIG]25149[/ATTACH] I have to calculate the cumulative probability of each x
3. where x is each individual raster (total 46)
4. I have already calculated the values of "a" also in the form of a raster and would like the program to pick these values from that respective raster.
5. The summation equation should run from n=1 to n=Max repeatedly

I would highly appreciate of a python expert who writes a few lines script for me to solve this