Model Builder Iterators

Discussion created by shino on May 28, 2013
Hi there,

I am very new to iterators in model builder. I hoping I am posting in the right spot. 

I am running a Least Cost Path tool that would run from point to point in a feature class. I'm Just hoping to get some ideas from this forum.

I am looking for a clean way to connect several turbines (herein labelled as 'points') to eachother and then the substation by iterations using least cost path.

Point A runs a least cost path on all other points and chooses the least "cost" line, which is a separate feature from the points.  How do I get the model to first of all select the lowest cost line (they are all separate features but have a similar attribute called 'costpath'. 
Then the model must recognize that the chosen lowest cost line corresponds to its given end point (point B) - not sure how to do that tried using nodes but its a little off?

The point ID for Point B is important because this chosen point becomes the new starting point for the second round of iterations.
I also must ensure that that point A is eliminated so it cannot be selected for the next round of iterations.  This process will run until 9 points have been selected. The 10th point must be the substation.

I know this is quite lengthy so I have attached an image of what I am trying to convey.  Hopefully a visual representation of my problem will prompt some clever people to respond to my post.

Many thanks in advance for any ideas at all!!