Selecting related items in Arcmap using python script.

Discussion created by ganeshnarim on May 19, 2013
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Dear Experts,

I have one requirement in arcmap i searched all but no luck..!! see the below screen shot for my explanation clearly,I need to select each "TRANSMEDIA" (Feature Class) related items which are "span unit-Spans". For example in this case i have one transmedia (FIB:UGF::8695969) item and there are number of "span units" connected so i want to select all "span unit-spans" and create a separate layer for that to see the transmedia route in arcmap.

Normally i'm doing like this, selecting desired transmedia and opening the tree and selecting Span unit and numbering and then span and select feature using tool in attribute editor i'm performing this for all span units.

can any one please suggest me the script/model which is useful in this case.

work around: I can select using Telco\Trace Network\Include spans\Structures. but this will work if connection is done for the transmedia if there is no connectivity i could not check the span which is connected to this transmedia.

It would be very appreciated if the tool comes like this : Input parameter which i want to select all span units Ex:FIB:UGF::8695969 and tool should select all span units and create layer/select in attribute editor.

I'm using ArcMap 9.3.1.

Thanks & Regards
Ganesh N