Highlighting Graphics through a Gridview

Discussion created by kuiperfoliage on Apr 26, 2013
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as an extension on my question raised here "" (Rad)GridView and displaying the attributes of all the Graphics

I'm trying to highlight Graphics through a (rad)gridview, just as it is done in ArcMap. I have attached a screenshot as example.

I have achieved populating the Gridview by creating a datatable and populating the attributes as datacolumns and having a reference to the GraphicsLayer. I couldn't find a way to directly hook the GraphicsLayer into the Gridview, by using a DisplayMemberPath or something similar, to get to the Graphics and its underlying Attributes properties. So i had to create this DataTable structure.

Now I want to make sure that on selection of a row in the DataGrid the Graphic is highlighted. This is working by getting the datarow from the selection and finding the column that holds the actual Graphic. Then I set Graphic.Selected = True. This works!

Now i run into the problem when i want to do this for 2500 items at once (ctrl+A / select all, for example with a grid of data points as shown in the attachment). This takes forever to load and the UI will hang for 10 till 20 seconds before it returns and shows all the selected items. For completion, I'm using Accelerated Display.

Any idea on how i can improve the performance ? should I perhaps reconsider how the binding is done to the grid ? I don't think this will matter to much though.