Add Layer (.LYR) failed

Discussion created by pavsanto on Apr 15, 2013
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I am trying to create a layer and save it on a stand alone Engine based application in C#. I have created a graphics layer and tried putting some graphic elements on layer. I was able to save the Layer in .LYR format, I am able to successfully display the same when selected from Add Data button in toolbar. When I transfer the file over to another system over LAN and try to open the same layer on another machine, I am getting error message , "Adding the selected layer failed" and says the layer might have been created in older version as you can find in the attachment. I am using same version of ArcObjects 10.1 on both machines. Please let me know how I can display .LYR files on another machine, or is there something I have to do before transferring the layer file like Import/ export.
Please Help as I have got Stuck up at this point.

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