SQL Server user store fails from ArcCatalog

Discussion created by robymes on Feb 11, 2013
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I've installed ArcGIS Server 10.1 configuring security on a SQL Server user store (migrating from 10.0)
I used the admin REST to set up SQL Server connection string and everything went fine:

  • I can see and modify all the users and roles in the manager web interface

  • I can set services user accessibility in the manager web interface

  • I can log-in into the REST services web interface and see all the services the user can access

But I have a problem: I cannot access any service from ArcCatalog.
The connection to ArcGIS Server is fine (no error from ArcCatalog UI), but I cannot see any service
I set the log detail to DEBUG and what I have is in the attacched file: it seems that it cannot access the SQL Server user store when using SOAP.
Is there something wrong in my configuration or something I have to do I didn't?

Thanks in advance