U-Turn Restrictions

Discussion created by juhunter on Dec 10, 2012
Latest reply on Dec 12, 2012 by juhunter
Version 10.1 - I cannot seem to get Network Analyst to respect the restrictions I've allocated for U-Turns. Directly in ArcMap I have "U-Turns at Junctions" set to "Not Allowed" and when I solve one of my routes I get a u-turn one of the first steps.

I also notice that when I run this same route through my ArcGIS Server it does not make the U-Turn even though I have one of the RouteParameters as RestrictUTurns = "esriNFSBAllowBacktrack"

Yes I understand I'm trying to get them to do the opposite. In fact, I'm trying to get them to act the same. As I began testing my application I noticed that not allowing U-turns will cause issues, but I can't get my ArcGIS Server to allow me to allow them. Trying to duplicate what my server does I set my ArcMap to not allow U-turns but it allows them no matter what I say.

I cannot seem to figure this out. I even published my ArcGIS Server with the setting of: Restrict U-Turns: esriNFSBAllowBacktrack