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08-08-2016 08:08 PM
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Is it possible to add tooltip for zoom in/out controls?

I am also looking to add scale as tooltip for added layers. could you provide details steps to achieve this functionality.

I noticed find my location doesn't work on Google Chorme. Is it a know bug? (location is turned on under advanced settings)

Thanks for you help!

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  Sure you can add a tooltip to the zoom slider (if using WAB Dev) by editing the ZoomSlider\Widget.html:

(added the title attribute)

<div class="jimu-corner-all">

  <div class="zoom zoom-in" data-dojo-attach-point="btnZoomIn"

   data-dojo-attach-event="onclick:_onBtnZoomInClicked" title="Zoom In">+</div>

  <div class="zoom zoom-out" data-dojo-attach-point="btnZoomOut"

   data-dojo-attach-event="onclick:_onBtnZoomOutClicked" title="Zoom In">–</div>


When you say you want to add scale tooltip on map layers can you elaborate (minscale maxscale or both)?

The locate button is disabled in chrome if your website is not using https:


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Hi Rob,

Zoom in/out tooltip works like a treat. Thank you!

"find location"  finds inaccurate location using https on chrome only. any idea?

I required to show min and max scale. Can I set for individual layers. e.g. layer A min scale, layer B min and max scale etc

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