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02-18-2016 10:54 AM
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We have added a time enabled raster mosaic to web appbuilder with popups enabled.

When we click on the map to display the popup for one particular date, the StdTime field displays the incorrect date in the popup.  It displays one day ahead.

The date stored in the raster mosaic StdTime is 01/01/1983, but the popup displays 12/31/1982.

We believe the browser is converting the StdTime to Local Solar Time, therefore adjusting the date (01/01/1983 00 00 00) to (12/31/1982.)

The question is, in Web Map, is it possible not to convert the StdTime field for the layers to local solar time and keep it at UTC in the popup?  This can be achieved in ArcGIS Desktop, however, we haven't found a way in the Web Map, and alternatively the Web App.

Please let us know if there is a config file or json file for the web map or web app popup configuration to achieve this.

Thanks for your thoughts and help.

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