WAB Dev. Edition 2.17 - how to hide first widget in launchpad theme icon group

04-04-2021 05:19 AM
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I'm developing custom widgets for WAB (Develper Edtion) 2.17, Launchpad Theme, on 3D Scenes (ArcGIS API for javascript 4.17), on our compamy portal (version 10.7.1).

I am still a newbie...

My first item in the launchpad Teme icons group, is itself a group of 4 icons.

I want to "hide" it.

I succeeded to hide it in WidgetManager.js by 

let parent = document.querySelector(".iconList .iconGroup");



when I increase zoom till the launchpad icons "drawer" is not seen, and then I decrease zoom again in order to see again the drawer, than the icon is automatically seen again...

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