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08-03-2019 09:19 PM
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I am using Query URL Parameters Web Appbuilder to show features on the map. I have a feature class table where the values are shown below.

Object Id  PersonalID SeqID Shape

1                123456        1       Point

2                 456789       1       Point

3                 987456       1       Point

4                 365478        2      Point

5                 753753        2      Point

6                 778899        3      Point

7                 996655        4      Point

I have the query url parameter as 


On execute of the above query on map it shows a highlight of starting point and popup and corresponding points when we navigate.

I would need to add a markers for all these 3 points of the SeqID = 1 

Is it possible to do this or anyone have tried doing this and achieved please help.


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Sounds possible, build a custom widget, parse your URL parameters when widget opens, query your map service, zoom/pan to result featureSet, highlight/draw graphics.

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