Modify filter widget in developer edition to apply filter to all layers

10-30-2018 10:54 AM
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Hi!  Hoping for some widget development help.  I’d like to modify the filter widget to apply the same filter to all three feature layers visible in my web app

I have three and only three feature layers, each having common field names.  I have the regular filter widget set up to filter TWO FIELDS in ONE LAYER.  The widget is set up to use the great built-in functionality to present the unique values of the field as choices.  I would love the Group Filter widget to be able to apply this filter to three different feature layers having the same field names, but it does not, the group filter widget only allows you to filter one field.

So, my workaround is going to be to use the filter widget as I have it set up now to filter the two fields of one layer, but then modify it in Developer edition to force it to apply this filter to all feature layers.  I have developer edition all set up and I intend to copy the regular Filter widget folder and modify it, I just am lost in the JavaScript.  Thought it might be an easy enough modification that someone could help here?  Thanks so much!

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Need help or a workaround, please!

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