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10-31-2016 10:28 AM
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Hello Everybody! I was curious to see if there's anyone out there that has customized the current legend widget offered by the WAB. Currently the widget allows for auto-update and the ability to respect current map scales of layers, however we're trying to integrate the mapping extent to update the legend for the area of interest.

I know there's some similar functionality offered via the Story Map Shortlist application in which it integrates the spatial extent and updates the list accordingly, but don't really know how to apply this to WAB.

Any thoughts and/or suggestions would be greatly appreciated!


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Martin Visarraga‌,

do you mean, that the legend shows only the layers visible in the current map extent (and not map scale/zoom level as it is for now)? This would be highly useful for me too.

Is there a way to implement this in WAB (non dev?). Any hints highly appreciated.

My use case is that I have an app with several land use plans in different areas. When I zoom into one area, all the other plans do also show up in the legend, even if they have nothing to do with the current (geographical) map extent. This is very confusing and user-unfriendly.

Probably there is need for an ArcGIS Idea...

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   The ability for the Legend to only show what is actually visible in the maps extent is not available in WAB. It is a great idea but would be very complicated and costly (client resources) in my opinion.

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