Issue with LayerList Widget and Uploaded layers

05-08-2020 04:15 PM
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Issue with LayerList Widget and Uploaded layers.

When uploading 2 layers, the 2nd one causes the first one to duplicate it's feature, but that feature a) becomes unhitched from the scale (so you can zoom in and out on the map and the feature grows bigger and smaller because it is the same size relative to the map view) and b) isn't able to be interacted with as far as I can tell. The real feature and the fake feature both are still tied to the proper layer toggle under "User Added Layers", but the fake feature is still unhitched from map scale regardless.

We (my boss and I) have tested this with zipped shapefiles and .geojsons and both cause this to happen. Its the same across Firefox and Chrome.

The only place I could find mention of "User Added Layers" in the code was under the addLayerNode function in LayerListView.js but it's under an error catch, which is really vague, and doesnt really have any other associated special info.

What's wierd to me is that the first user added layer works fine. The 2nd one itself works fine, but causes the first to bug out. It feels like there's a logic catch somewhere that's getting missed, or a refresh or clear function that isn't being run, but I'm not sure where that would be, without spending a lot of time digging into the code. I'll still do that, but I'm hoping someone has seen this and knows a fix.

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